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2012-10-04 08:08:07

8) Does not give you another triangle so there is no scale factor.

2012-10-04 08:01:53

Thanks a lot big_smile

2012-10-04 07:56:38

34 degrees, 56 degrees, and 90 degrees. It also have sides of 6, 8, and 10.

34 with 6
56 with 8
90 with 10
ooooh  just like we divide these two to get the scale factor

2012-10-04 07:51:16

The biggest side will be opposite the biggest angle. I have given you the first side of 10 is opposite the 90. Can you get the next two?

2012-10-04 07:49:44

ok so do i have to divide one side by another or what am confused like what do I do?any formula to follow?

2012-10-04 07:36:46


A hypotenuse is the side of a right triangle ( one having a 90 angle in it ) that is opposite to the 90 angle.

2012-10-04 07:34:37

whats a hypotenuse we didnt learn about that yet so does that have any thing to do with finding interior and exterior

2012-10-04 06:46:41


8) I get 10 is the hypotenuse so it is across from the side with a length of 10. You can get the next two sides and angles.

2012-10-04 06:43:45

Hi I was wondering if my answers for the following are correct and I need help answering
number 8 please.

7. Polygon A has sides of 4, 3, 5, and 3. Polygon B has sides of 8, 6, 10, and 6. What are the two possible scale factors here? Explain.

7. In lesson #8 the first example says to divide the bigger polygon's sides by the smaller polygon's sides, but in example 3 it just divides the first angle from A with first angle from B but B angles are bigger than A angles. I am going to do the same thing example 3 did and here is my answer:

To get the scale factor first I have to divide the sides by each other like this:

4/8 = 1/2
3/6 = 1/2
5/10 = 1/2
3/6 =   1/2
So, the scale factor is 1:2

8. A triangle has angles of 34 degrees, 56 degrees, and 90 degrees. It also have sides of 6, 8, and 10. Which side is across from which angle?

9. A triangle has one angle measuring 52 degrees, and one angle measuring 18 degrees. What is the measure of the third angle?
9. Triangles must add up to 180 degrees. 52+18=70
180-70= 110 therfore the measure of the third angle is 110

10. A right triangle has a 90 degree angle, and an angle x. What will the measure of the third angle be?
10. Trangles must add up to 180 degrees. So the equation would be 90+x+A=180
A is representing the measure of the third angle.

Subtract 90 from both sides of the equation.
Subtract 'x' from each side of the equation.

Thanks big_smile

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