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2012-10-01 03:16:22

Hi zee-f;

That is what I got too.

2012-10-01 03:08:23

I got a full lesson complete 10/10 smile

here is what I answered for that question I was confused on:

6- F 55
6. What is the measure of angle 3 in degrees if angle 1 = 125?
A 26
B 49
C 32
D 78
E 42
F 55

7-B 168
7. What is the measure of angle 8 in degrees if angle 7 = 12?
A 15
B 168
C 98
D 174
E 101
F 25

2012-09-30 05:56:07

Hi zee-f;

What did you get?

2012-09-30 02:29:31

hey again I asked my teacher she said it was a typo. So it's  AB || CD. Now I know how to solve the problem.

2012-09-29 22:52:19

Hey guys,

They didn't give me any diagram that is all what the question said,  that is why am confused. I got all the questions correct except for the questions about that all it said is if AB | CD which means if AB isn't parallel to CD then it asked questions neutral

bob bundy
2012-09-29 22:28:18

hi zee-f,

You will have to give us a diagram.  Without it, angle 1 and angle 3 could be anything.

I've made a guess below.


2012-09-29 21:18:51


I think so.

Hi zee-f;

You can use the degree from the top of the page.

2012-09-29 21:08:26

Isn't there a picture that came with this question?

2012-09-29 21:06:27

how much do  non-parallel angles equal? like do the angles still equal 180?

Here is what the question says

If AB | CD:

6. What is the measure of angle 3 in degrees if angle 1 = 125?
A 26o
B 49o
C 32o
D 78o
E 42o
F 55o

(The one slash line means non-parallel)

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