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2012-09-16 18:45:52

It is a formula which can give you an approximation of the mean (as you're only using mid-points of class intervals for which presumably you don't know how the exact distribution of). As for a physical meaning, it has applications in mechanics too -- you can apply a variation of that formula to find the centre of mass of a system.

2012-09-16 15:20:09

Mean can give you value around which the other values of the class are equally distributed.
You can know, what you are choosing is neither more nor less

2012-09-14 00:57:12

What is the physical meaning of mean value ?
using this formula .

mean = (f * m) / n

where f is the frequency of each class and m is the mid point of each class
n is sum of frequecy

What is the physical meaning of mean using above formula ?

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