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bob bundy
2012-08-17 03:55:46

hi mrpace,

Does that mean you have sorted out your earlier post?

"Question to do with linear independence"

I cannot make sense of this one either.

Are c and b meant to be the 2 by 2 matrices formed from the vectors you call C and B.

Let's say that x is an m by n matrix.

You appear to have (m by n) x ( 2 by 2) = (2 by 1)

That won't work ???

So please would you look again at what you are asking.

This looks at lot like

Are you two doing the same course?



2012-08-17 03:05:23

B= {(2 -1), (3 -1)}
C= {(1 2), (2 3)}
these are meant to be written as one colum in each.
If (x)c = {1 -1} what is (x)b? and what is x?

this is the last question on my assignment so it would be great if anyone could help me, thanks.

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