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bob bundy
2012-08-09 20:31:02

hi careless25

This is getting beyond what I know but here's my thoughts:

The limits for theta would appear to be 0 to 2pi (a whole circle's worth ? )

The question asks for limits for x of 0 to infinity.

The Wiki proof goes from - inf to + inf.

So you'd need to half your answer.

That then agrees with the Wolfram answer … o+infinity

So I think you have done this correctly.

Did they really think you would dream that up under exam conditions?  It's worth more than 10% if you can .. it's worth a 'first' !

What did other candidates do?

I can only think they were hoping you would have researched this in advance in which case it's an easy 10%

Oh well, it's done now.  Fingers crossed for a good result.  smile


2012-08-09 09:52:18

I have been looking at this and I realized that if we just square the actual integral and dont use the fomula given to us, we get to the correct answer.
This does not work:

but this does:

2012-08-09 08:34:05

Hi Bob bundy,

Can you verify my calculations below(just for my understanding):

now from here convert to polar co-ordinates
EDIT: I am not sure what the integration limits for theta would be...if it is 0 to pi/2, then this works out.

let u = r^2, du = 2rdr

since we squared the original equation, we square root the final answer so

This doesnt agree with what wolfram and wikipedia get down. Any idea where I went wrong?


2012-08-09 04:16:10

Hahaha I could not have thought of that on the final exam. Lost 10% right there sad.

Thanks Bob

bob bundy
2012-08-09 04:01:28

Had me stuck too.  But I found this:

which looks like the thing for you.


2012-08-09 02:56:48

Thanks bob bundy and bobbym.

Following that we were asked to use that to solve

and told to use polar coordinates.

I was confused on how to go from the above function to a function of x and y.

2012-08-08 22:49:38

Hi Bob;

I'm getting a sign difference here, and I cannot see why ???

You could have chosen

as the factorization. Now the result follows.

bob bundy
2012-08-08 20:50:07

hi careless25

I'm getting a sign difference here, and I cannot see why ???




2012-08-08 11:26:11


I just had a calc final and one question stumped me. But i would really love to know the answer. Can anyone help me solve this?
I have to show that:

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