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bob bundy
2012-08-04 18:00:10

hi nicboo

Welcome to the forum.

This is how you can devise your own formula for this:

Think of a very easy example.  Say you want to pack 1000 envelopes and you know you can do 200 per hour.

That's two hundred in the first hour, another two hundred in the second hour,  ............,  another two hundred in the fifth.

Can you see this will take 5 hours?

So what is the connection between the three numbers ?

So now put words in place of the numbers:

This time will be in hours.  Times by 60 to change to minutes.


2012-08-04 15:12:26


It seems so simple now I've been shown....

Another question;

If the target is 300 per hour, how long should these take to pack? I need to know how to work that out too....

2012-08-04 08:14:46

Hi nicboo

If someone packs 468 envelopes in 1hr 53min=113 min, then in 1hr=60 min he will pack 60/113 of 468 which is 28080/113 envelopes per hour. That is close to 248.5 envelopes per hour.

Now, if they pack 845 envelopes in 3.5 hrs then in 1hr they will pack 3.5 envelopes less, that is 845/3.5=8450/35=1690/7 envelopes per hour.

2012-08-04 08:14:29

Hi nicboo;


That is how many per minute now you just multiply by 60 to get how many per hour.

2012-08-04 08:06:08

Hi all.

Im new and need some help.

If Someone packs 468 envelopes in 1hr 53 mins how many envelopes per hour have they packed?

Or if they pack 845 in 3 hrs 5 mins what is their packing rate?

These are examples as I need to know how to work this out!!

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