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2005-10-25 19:27:14

Yeah, not well presented, forces one to make assumptions which may not be right. The only pies mentioned are "fruit pies", "apple pie" and "blueberry pie". Apple is a fruit, but blackberry isn't ...

Mrs. Bly could not have won the blackberry, because it isn't a fruit. Saying that Mrs. Wig's blueberry pie is better than her other pies does NOT mean she won in that category - it all depends on the level of competition in each category.

There is not enough to solve, but you could guess:

Mrs Bly: Apple
Mrs. Wig: Blueberry
Mrs. Jones: Chicken and Mushroom (why not smile )

2005-10-25 18:09:36

I seriously have no idea!!  hmm That's why i'm askin.

2005-10-25 18:07:03

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I don't understand. What pie options are available?

2005-10-25 17:32:19

Hi people can u help? These exams are getting crazy. Plz post answers
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pie Question:
At the local show, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Bly and Mrs. Wig all won a prize for a particular pie. Who baked which pie?
Clues: Mrs. Bly only likes baking fruit pies. Mrs. Jones did not win the prize for an apple pie. Mrs. Wig's blueberry pie is better than her other pies.

<^>Challenge Girl :P

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