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2012-05-21 19:17:29

I would add the hint:

"The 21-year-old is next to Eilish."

That would give us a unique solution.

2012-05-21 10:30:18

I also hope either multiple solutions would be given as correct answers, or, couple of more hints would be added so that it becomes a one-solution problem.

2012-05-21 01:53:59

If there are more solutions they should be added to the ons MIF posted. Otherwise,someone might think that his solution is incorrect.

bob bundy
2012-05-21 01:43:27

But does it matter if there is more than one solution?  In life that can happen.  I think it is the thinking that matters.


2012-05-21 01:27:55

Yes,Einstein puzzles should have only one solution,but I guess MIF missed the others or just didn't check.

2012-05-20 23:43:05

Thanks, Bob. Amazed at your three solutions. I did not have your solution 1 and 2. I just had your solution 3 but I thought in solution 3, the upper right 4 cells can be reversed, that is, Amy + Eastenders can be the 5th and Eilish + Neighbors to the 4th. Then there would be 4 solutions. As a novice, I thought so-called Einstein Puzzles are supposed to have only "one" solution like Sudoku. It seems I was wrong, then.

bob bundy
2012-05-20 23:01:13

hi dgkim8

I see what you mean.  I think I've got three solutions all satisfying the constraints.

Below I've shown them, with the fixed elements in black and the bits that I think may be changed in red.


ps.  Note to those outside the broadcast range;  Coronation Street is affectionately known as Corrie.

bob bundy
2012-05-20 21:37:38

hi dgkim8

Welcome to the forum!

Haven't tried that puzzle so I'll have a go now and then post again.


2012-05-20 21:17:14

I am not able to fix between Eilish and Amy who is the 4th and who is the 5th in the queue.
I think both works, in other words, there may be two answers.
Can somebody enlighten me how I can fix Amy as the 4th person in the queue as the Solution says?
Dgkim8 from Seoul

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