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2014-02-12 03:46:44

Carrots :
Compare the following deals in a shop that sells carrots loose and in a packet :
Packet: For 500 grams the cost is 70 pence.
Loose: For 1 KG the price is 1.10
Use some basic maths to explain which is the cheaper price and why.
Assume that the products are of equal quality and that the same quantity is to be purchased in each case.

My answer:
Convert the packet into a form where it has a consistent weight with the loose weight per kilo:
500 grams is 70 pence.
Therefore 1000 grams is 140 pence.
Therefore 1KG is 1.40
Therefore the loose price of 1.10 per kilo is a cheaper price.

One packet of cheese says that it is 6.00 for two 500 gram packets.
Another says that it is 2.40 for 375 grams in just one packet.
Which is the cheaper deal per kilogram assuming that use by dates are not an issue and that the two items are of the same quality?

My answer:
Convert the 375 gram packet price into an amount per kilo.
2.40 / 0.375 = 6.40
You could also do 2.40 / 375 and then multiply by 1000 (first work out the price per gram and then multiply by
1000 to work out the price per kilo).
The conclusion is that the 6.00 price for two 500 gram packets is the cheaper way of buying this product. [2 x 500g = 1000g]

2014-02-11 07:13:30

Hi Mandy. Happy birthday ! smile

2014-02-10 21:11:15

Cold right now, about 50F. Humidity on the high side at 59%.

mandy jane
2014-02-10 21:07:56

hi bobbym yes you are right? what is the weather like where you are? it is wet here?

2014-02-10 21:01:08


Is it your B-Day?

mandy jane
2014-02-10 20:15:21

hi every can any guse why today is spacil for me?

2014-02-05 05:55:48

Overal Charge = ((1386 x 11.4) + (794 x 3.9) + 1100) * 1.175
Overal Charge = (15800.4 + 3096.6 + 1100) * 1.175
Overal Charge = 19997 * 1.175
Overal Charge = 23496.475 pence
Overal Charge = 234.96

2014-02-04 19:53:06

Remember, this is not a race. Slow progress is okay too.

mandy jane
2014-02-04 19:50:27

Ok will do that for you?

2014-02-04 19:48:07

Anyone can speak to me provided they do their studying first.

mandy jane
2014-02-04 19:40:56

Ok will speak to you later then?

2014-02-04 19:38:09

I would say that you should continue on over here as you have been doing.

mandy jane
2014-02-04 19:33:13

Hi bobbym mandy here the test went well yes I am dyslexia ok so now what should I do then?

2014-02-04 19:26:39

Hi mandy jane;

How did the test go?

mandy jane
2014-02-04 08:33:20

Hi mandy newland here thanks for your help everyone if anyone else can help please do? I still would like to get my gcse in maths ok? And may be do gcse English as well? Does anyone know of any programme that you can have a tutor and there is white board to writing on if so send me a message here please?

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