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2013-05-27 10:19:38

Hi tommoy;

Welcome to the forum.

Just let me say this:

I sure wish someone would send a memo to the instructor who is using that as an exercise to teach his students the "the joys of programming."

Someone should tell him that is a horrible example or a great example of the misuse of a simulation. I would like to give him a piece of my mind so to speak. Nothing important, maybe just the medulla oblongata. Or maybe my left brain since according to Duke University, neanderthals like me never use it.

According to the ZAA, the left brain when viewed under the microscope is made up of tiny i's with little hearts over them while the right brain smells like old socks and gym shorts.

2013-05-27 10:11:57

thanks for the help

2013-05-27 09:39:13 … 08#p265508

It is mixed in to that thread, you will have to read the posts to find the relevant information and links.

Also there was information in the beginning of this thread from phrontister and bob bundy.

2013-05-27 09:32:01

Where is the excel simulation?

2013-05-27 09:30:47


That problem is posted in another thread if you want to see an excel simulation. What type of solution are you looking for?

2013-05-27 09:23:02

Im having problems with the coin question, can u explain more please? Here's the question

You are going to play a game where you bet a dollar and get to flip a coin ten times. If you get four heads in a row, you win. If you make the tenth flip without getting four heads in a row, you lose. Run this game ten thousand times. Approximately what is the probability that you will win?

2013-05-05 09:23:54

I never could get used to that day after tomorrow.

2013-05-05 09:01:30

It is now, but not when I wrote that last night. I'd waited with that post until it was the fourth both in Oz and the U.S.

2013-05-05 08:47:23

I thought it was the fifth over there.

2013-05-05 08:45:14

bobbym wrote:

The Fourth?

Either that's today's date, or I've developed a bad spelling lithp.

2013-05-05 01:50:29

The Fourth?

Have a good night.

2013-05-05 00:42:30

Hi Bobby,

bobbym wrote:

...and may the M be with you.

And May the Fourth be with you! smile

Yes...that Tuples command is interesting, generating all those possibles like that. Length was new to me too, and I didn't know about the use of "//" either. So...thanks for introducing them.

Early to bed for a change. Catch you later.

2013-05-04 09:19:45

Where am I going? Bought some food and I am eating it.

2013-05-04 07:17:50

Okay, see you.

2013-05-04 06:43:15

Okay, I have to go shopping so I will see you later.

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