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Yesterday 20:36:04

Your supervisor forgot to mention that everybody is reasonably successful at this game. There are a lot of fish in the sea and some are bound to be caught.

If you are satisfied with working on the ones that like you first ( and we discussed this ) then you will do okay. This will require some sense of detachment.

To play the game well requires you to utilize the same weaknesses that they exploit all the time. Ever hear them talk about guys when they do not know you are listening? They think we do not have a brain. A little perfume, a curvy body, a nice flirtatious smile and they know they have got any guy under control.

Funny thing is although they know how to do this they do not realize when it is being done to them!

Yesterday 20:19:28

That seems to be true. Can't ever see myself being a 'bad guy' though, or at least exhibiting some of those other qualities you mentioned. One of my supervisors at uni said to me "hey, you can still be a loser like me and end up reasonably successful." (He's a maths academic/lecturer.) He's only 10-12 years older than me, but I can see myself being in that position at some point.

Yesterday 07:50:52

Why do the bad guys always have the girls? Nice guys do finish last here on the earth.

Yesterday 07:46:21

But why would they interpret integrity as weakness?

Yesterday 07:36:52

Because they mistake it for weakness and they despise weakness. They do not recognize that integrity is strength. We talked about how improving your image and there are dozens of ways to do this pays off big with them.

Yesterday 07:34:02

Why would they dislike integrity?

Yesterday 07:31:30

Sincerity and truthfulness and yes, integrity are not what they want to hear. It is part of an image, one that I am afraid you will not yet use and without it will have quite poor results.

Yesterday 07:29:12

I don't understand what you mean by that...

Yesterday 07:26:16

That is because you have failed to understand what I meant by a good talker. You are speaking from the heart, that is not what beguiles them.

Yesterday 07:23:50

I think I am alright at the first one but hopeless at the other two. Trouble is, the first takes a lot of practice, and when you haven't done it for a while, you can become pretty terrible at it and it really does show -- especially during this time of year, when I can just feel the cobwebs growing over my vocal chords.

Yesterday 07:07:54

Remember the lists of things to do. You only have to become a good talker, or a good dresser or a bodybuilder to make them completely lose their ability to reason.

Yesterday 07:02:29

How? Seems like it takes several years to finally get a feel for the 'game'. It seems like the average Joe (or at least, the below average Joe) doesn't consider it to be easy to neutralise their advantage.

Yesterday 06:59:24

In the dating game they have the advantage but it is so easy to neutralize much of that advantage and they play so badly that I would give men the edge there too.

Yesterday 06:55:54

I agree -- at least, if the game is balanced, then it hasn't appeared that way from my experiences.

2014-04-19 05:31:48

I would say most like the option of playing the feminine card whenever they need it and this is a nice advantage but overall it does not balance the game.

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