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2005-10-14 10:16:28

I got that answer right before i checked the posts. haha

2005-10-13 19:57:39

Let the pentagon be ABCDE
AB is 7,2,10
BC is 10,1,8
CD is 8,5,6
DE is 6,4,9 and
EA is 9,3,7

The total is 19 on all sides!

2005-10-13 17:34:57

Would you have an illustration of this?

You can either link to one, or upload one (via "Post Reply")

2005-10-13 10:22:45

You have a pentagon with three circles on each side. One on each corner and one in the middle.  With a total of 10 circles. You need to put in a number 1-10 into each circle and you cant reuse any numbers. Each side needs to add up to the same sum. I read somewhere that the 4 possibilites make the sums of 14, 16, 17, 19. I solved the one for 14 but cant do the others. Any answers would be appreciated.

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