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2005-10-09 23:52:45

i think there is no name for that

2005-10-08 09:05:24

I have searched through some dictionaries, and not found any name for the right angle symbol. Perhaps its name is "right angle symbol" smile

And kyle, I am fascinated by the name "catets" - it does not occur in English, but some spanish (and portuguese?) websites seem to indicate it means the two sides that are not the hypotenuse - is that right?

2005-10-08 06:07:48

the square is there to show that the catets are perpendicular...since we know that all the edges in a square are perpendicular.

2005-10-08 05:02:25

What is the name / is there a name for the square in the right angle symbol?  My geometry teacher did not know and would give extra credit to anyone who finds out.  I have been looking everywhere for its name but its never said.  If you know, please tell me what it is!

Thank you,

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