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2005-10-05 08:13:35

Consecutive just means "following in order", so any method like that will work. 7,8,9 are consecutive numbers. 13,15,17,19,21 are consecutive odd numbers.

Mathsyperson just chose wisely, as it made his formulas easier to handle.

2005-10-05 02:04:24

x, x+2, x+4 is still right, it's just that my way is easier because the -2 and the +2 cancel each other out sometimes.

2005-10-04 17:53:13

Ah, ok thanks.big_smile Before I was using x, x+2, x+4. Now I understand what conesecutive means.

2005-10-03 22:47:23

Calling the middle one x, the three consecutive odd integers would be x-2, x and x+2.
'Four times the sum of three consecutive odd integers' is 4(x-2+x+x+2), which is 4(3x), which is 12x.
'three times the product of the larger two numbers' is 3x(x+2), which is 3x+6x.

We are told that 12x is 765 less than 3x+6x, so the equation is 12x + 765 = 3x + 6x.

Put into standard quadratic form: 3x - 6x - 765 = 0
Simplify: x - 2x - 255 = 0
Factorise: (x-17)(x+15) = 0
Solve: x = 17 or -15.

This means that the three integers are either {15, 17, 19} or {-17, -15, -13}.

2005-10-03 17:09:49

Four times the sum of three consecutive odd integers is seven hundred sixty-five less than three times the product of the larger two numbers. What are the three integers?

I'm not sure how to get an equation to solve this.

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