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bob bundy
2011-08-15 06:05:45

hi Fairynuff,

It was a very long shot.  But the new information sounds interesting.  I'll keep looking too.


2011-08-14 18:16:55

Hi Bob,
Not close enough I'm afraid.  The coordinates should lead within a mile radius of N 51 35.740 W 0 28.200, near London as you suggest.  There is also a line of information I missed on the page above the code +-++-+-0+-++-
Thanks for the info on hard coded statistic, I will keep trying

bob bundy
2011-08-08 21:22:00

Hi Fairynuff,

Would somewhere in the vacinity of Andover be an acceptable location for you?


2011-08-08 13:42:10


I would say that a "hard coded statistic" in this case means the coordinates are in the message, usually plain to see. That phraseology is similar to the cracker term, "hard coded password."

Here is some stuff on geocaching:

Interesting that their are two caches in very remote spots, one is near McMurdo Station, Antarctica while the other is in an orbiting space station. Also the last man to die while geocaching happened on 7 / 20 / 2011.

Your cache, you believe is near London?

Here is a beginners guide to geocaching: … aching.htm

Since all the locations of the caches are known to someone and it is very likely that the one you seek has already been found multiple times and since he suggests that there are pages that list these caches and their GPS coordinates. Why not start there?

bob bundy
2011-08-08 05:09:16

hi Fairynuff,

I don't know what a coded statistic means either.  So I googled it too; no hits.

But lots of hits for "hard coded statistic"; so maybe that's what the setter meant.

This term is used by programmers for games and  poker.

I've made up this example so it may not be right, but this is what I think they mean:

In a game Giant has a strength of 90%, a compassion of 5%, and an eyesight rating of 40%.  These percentages are the hard coded statistics; ie. they a programmed in rather than dynamically determined during the game.

In poker player one has a bluffing factor of 'high', a straight-face factor of 'blank' and a luck factor of 'lucky'.  These are again the hard coded statistics.

Then I got the family on trying to work out what TR, TO, LI etc are.  We have so far rejected 'abbreviations for US states'; 'UK postcodes' 'abbreviations for chemical names'; 'UK Ordinance Survey map letters'.

I'll keep thinking and post when I've got something more positive to say.  sad  dizzy


2011-08-07 22:33:10


Hmmm, I too do not have any idea.

2011-08-07 22:12:50


When no one will provide an example of how they did one, that is like a big punch in the face to me. I have no idea.

2011-08-07 22:02:05

Thank you Bobbym.
I checked with a cache hider and he said it's ok to ask for help, but the less help you need the better as obviously it's nice to feel you've cracked the puzzle yourself.  I think that was the point you were making in your first post, but I was mortified at being thought of as a cheat!
It's the term 'code statistics' that has my whole family confused, so if you were able to define that or give me an example, it would be a great starting point.
many thanks

2011-08-07 20:47:44


No bother at all. I stand corrected! If I get anything I will
post it. Thanks for explaining the rules to me!

2011-08-07 20:17:58

No, it's not a contest, there is no prize, you just go to the coordinates and sign a log.  Advice, hint was what I asked for as to the type of statistic, not please solve it for me.  It's quite common for geocachers to seek help from others when getting started but usually they are word or cipher puzzles so wouldn't have been asked on a maths forum.

Sorry to have bothered you:(

2011-08-07 19:18:15

Hi Fairynuff;

Aren't you supposed to be solving these on your own? … 4d3b273f75

Isn't it sort of a contest? Excuse me for asking, but what is the point if someone does it for you?

Here is another thing to consider, supposing I get lucky and solve that baby? Why wouldn't I go and enter it in and get to the next level to claim the prize myself?

2011-08-07 19:10:39

I am trying to solve a geocaching puzzle which is called code statistics.  I have no idea what this means and can't google the term, therefore cannot begin the puzzle.  This is what is given :

From this you should end up with a set of coordinates usually in the format North ab cd.efg   West h ij.klm   Given a clue to the general area I know that a=5 b=1 and h=0

Can anyone give some advice or a hint please as to what sort of statistic might be in the format of 2 letters and 2 numbers equalling one number?


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