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Topic review (newest first)

2006-03-27 06:58:23

This is considered resurrecting a topic that died over half a year ago.

2006-03-27 06:13:21

This is considered cheating. You cant ask people for the answer to the neopets contest.swear

John E. Franklin
2005-09-18 09:56:48

Do you have to consider rotating each piece the 4 ways it can rotate?  or maybe only for the center ones?
Maybe not?

2005-09-18 09:00:49

That takes you down on my stone tablet. You're know #152th of people I have no respect for. It's a long list, about 6-7 billion people on it.

Stupid Neopets.

Leonhard Euler
2005-09-18 08:30:00

The answer is here,

2005-09-18 08:08:53

both, im trying to kill two birds with the same shot..

Leonhard Euler
2005-09-18 07:46:18

Or is it that you are trying to get the answers to the current neopets question.

2005-09-18 03:24:44

I have this math problem for homework and i cant get the answers. who can help me plz?


Math Problem:

Suppose you have, say, a stone tablet of some sort. The tablet (4x4) has 16 pieces missing. But lucky you, you have the pieces! You can tell by looking at the pieces which ones are the four corners, which ones are the eight side pieces, and which ones are the inside pieces. Otherwise, you can't tell where on the tablet they should go or how they should be oriented.

If it takes 90 seconds to place all of the pieces, how many days will it take to try every possible combination? Please round to the nearest full day.


please, this is a kind of extra credit for my class, and i need the extra credit for the class..

thx for your help!

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