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2005-09-18 01:28:06

let's connect 2 houses (H1 H2) to all resources (each one of the three fountains - F1 F2 F3)
It doesn't matter the position of the three fountains. When you "fully connect" 2 houses, you block one fountain.

I think this type of problems can be studied with Graph Theory - networks.

2005-09-18 01:18:35

It can be proven that such problems (connecting each one of 3 houses to 3 resources)  are impossible.

There is no solution on a 2D plane.

2005-09-18 01:13:56

There are three houses in a row and in the other side there are three fountains each house must take water from each fountain without the pipes intersecting. The problem must be solved in two dimensions

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