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2011-06-20 17:33:14

Hi silverpuma,

Thanks for your views on the website and the forum.

Welcome to the forum!

2011-06-20 16:22:13

Welcome silverpuma, but "old codger" doesn't start until 80 at least! I know someone who started a whole new career at 60.

2011-06-20 15:55:21

Hi silverpuma;

Welcome to the forum!

2011-06-20 15:15:38

I'm a mature student aged 52 left school with zero qualifications. But am now just beginning to teach myself GCSE Maths. This has grown out of helping my 10 yr son with his maths as he prepares for the equivalent of the old 11+/transfer exam (I'm from N Ireland).  I'm amazed how much I love exploring this new world of numbers.  For my leisure and bedtime reading its now prime Factors or negative numbers instead of, well anything rather than maths....!!  I "think" I may have reasonably good but basic numeracy skills (began and ran 3 successful business etc).

I'm beginning at 10-11 year old level to make sure I have the foundation correct and then move swiftly to GCSE maths level.  I'll be learning at home so I need to teach myself through helps and books and website etc. So I have a number of websites saved of the  video and text varieties and this is the one I come back to all the time.  Your clear explanations are wonderful.  So from a grateful old codger like me please accept my appreciation :-)

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