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2012-07-31 01:39:02

I'm tempted to jump in and say that S2 is a lot easier (I think it is for most exam boards), but it does depend on your mechanics ability. S2 is more relevant to medicine in my opinion, and in my class most people did a lot better in S2 than they did in M1. I've found that how you performed in your physics GCSE (the mechanics topics) can be a useful indicator for how you may fare in M1.

bob bundy
2012-07-28 01:25:24

hi sugarplum

Welcome to the forum!

Do you know what exam board? 

I'm guessing it's the CIE but it could be you stumbled on this thread without that.

You could take a look at the syllabus for each and that would give you an idea what you'd have to do.

What other A levels are you doing?

Are you in the UK?


2012-07-28 01:20:55

Hi sugarplum;

You say you do not know either of them? It will be difficult choosing when you do not know what the choices are.

I would choose statistics then I can help you.

2012-07-28 01:15:07

Hi.. i've just given my O'level exam.. and now i'm in A-level/ i'm having difficulty choosing between mechanics and statistics. i don't know any of them. i hope u can help me

bob bundy
2011-05-27 06:10:22

hi NVS

Which to take?  M1 or S2.

Generally, I'd say, follow your interests ... ie which do you enjoy more?  As you are doing physics you'll already have some ideas about M1 and may well find some overlap in the content which will make it the easier option.

But you want to do medicine.  So you'll need to be able to understand lots about data analysis and testing (new drugs for example)

I'd rather my doctor / nurse / surgeon etc had done enough stats to be able to advise on the best treatment.

So I'm inclined to say, go for S2.  You'll have some knowledge of M1 anyway from physics .... enough to pick up anything new you meet later.

Either way, good luck with the exams.  smile


2011-05-27 01:39:08

Hi Allen and NVS;

Welcome to the forum!

2011-05-27 00:44:41

Statistics is very hard for me, i find mechanics very very easy but if u wanna go for medicine go for statistics!smile

2011-05-01 16:12:26

I'm currently in the middle of taking AS Maths, CIE board, with S1 (compulsory). What do you I should pick for my A2 module, M1 or S2, based on the ideas of
1. Which is easier to gain top marks in (content wise and exam question wise)?
2. Which would be more helpful in medicine?

N.B. I am finding S1 fine, and I am taking Physics, and I do enjoy Mechanics but am worried that the exam is much harder than in S2. Again note that this is the CIE board.


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