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bob bundy
2013-05-22 05:49:40

hi stevensk01

Welcome to the forum.

You are so right ... every year, the same problem.  So thank you so much. smile smile smile

Why not become a member?


2013-05-22 03:53:08

I asked my teacher for the answer key and here are her answers:
1.  hexagons
     shapes with 6 sides and angles
2.  shapes with 4 sides
     shapes with 4 vertices
3.  shapes with more than 3 sides and angles
4.  shapes with 3 or more sides and angles OR shapes with square angles

I hope this helps because it seems like an issues year after year.

bob bundy
2011-01-27 04:43:20


Further thoughts on this homework sheet.

I believe it is a requirement of the curriculum that children learn the properties of shapes and the correct names for shapes.

It sounds like this sheet is designed to get children looking at the properties of the shapes on the sheet; identifying those that a set of shapes have in common; and then finding a good 'name', 'description', or 'title' for those shapes.

There is no one correct answer.

Look at my example below.  Any of the following is an answer.

Straight sided, closed shapes.
Four sided shapes with at least one pair of parallels.

So if the child puts a suitable title, she has satisfied the homework.

But, to show off how well she has met the curriculum objectives, some answers are better than others.

I wouldn't give high marks for "I called them Henry because that was what they looked like to me." although I'd probably laugh and make a mental note that here is a very clever child.

I would try to avoid using the same Title twice and, if I could see several possibilities I'd try to put them all:
eg. 'Polygons which are quadrilaterals with a pair of parallel sides.'

In fact, the best outcome from the homework has already been satisfied.  Parents are taking an interest in their child's school work and showing they think it's important.

It could also be argued that showing that even parents don't always know the answers is beneficial.

Plus, they have discovered Maths Is Fun and that's got to be a good thing!  smile

See and similar pages for hints.


bob bundy
2011-01-26 23:56:48

hi allyson5

I thought this sounded familiar.  It's surfaced every year since at least 2005.    There are 73 posts of discussion with lots of suggestions on

One day someone will post the sheet which would be a big help.

edit:  I've emailed the company and asked for a copy.  If I get one, I'll post it (if they'll let me; copyright and all that)


2011-01-26 12:00:28

Okay and we need one more.

For the 2 squares, rectangle and triangle. Maybe we could title it like this: "Shapes that have 3 or 4 sides." Simple but to the point.

Please have him learn a bit about keeping notes. I know it is hard but I know he can do it.

2011-01-26 11:57:12

he doesnt remember and he didnt bring home anything for me to by... thanks for your help

2011-01-26 11:49:57

Hi allyson5;

For this one:

Hexagon trapezoid square and parallelogram, there is alot of ways. For instance we could say polygons or shapes if he has not heard that word that "have an even number of sides." Or that have "4 or 6 sides."

What does the little fellow have to say about all this, after all he was there? He may be diminutive in size but not in spirit! Did his teacher give him any clues that might narrow it down?

2011-01-26 11:46:00

thanks but what do i do for the last 2 sets: with the hexagon trapezoid square and parallelogram and the other contains the 2 squares, rectangle and triangle

2011-01-26 11:40:39

Hi allyson5;

The group of 4 hexagons could be titled. "Polygons with 6 sides"

The group with 2 rectangles a parrallelogram and a trapezoid could be titled. "Polygons with 4 sides"

Get the idea?

And welcome to the forum!

2011-01-26 11:32:06

Write a title for each group of plane shapes.

My son brought home this homework assignment and I'm not sure what to do!!!
There's a group of 4 hexagons, a group with 2 rectangles a parrallelogram and a trapezoid, a group with a square,hexagon,parellelogram & a trapezoid and a group with a 2 squares, a triangle and a rectangle.
Any suggestions?

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