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Topic review (newest first)

2010-12-29 18:31:05

Actually a very good program, shame they got bought up my Matlab.

2010-12-29 15:07:36

I think that I recognize the name Mupad. It seems familiar. I am not exactly sure where from, but it seems somehow familiar. Strange

2010-12-29 12:53:35

Hi Wodd;

that you programed ≥ 1 of those programs. lol

Nope. Last bit of real programming I did was the creation of my own Computer Algebra system. I was rolling pretty good, producing 2 or 3 hundred lines of C++ code a day.
Then one day I ran across Mupad 1.4. It was amazing and freeware and ahead of mine. I put down my coders pen and never wrote another line of C++, Lisp, Basic or any other.

1. Wolfram
2. Unsure, but perhaps something like another supercalculator

Everyone seems to know Wolfram but less know of its arch enemy Maple which is superior in some ways. Also there are Mupad, Derive, Sage, Maxima...

2010-12-29 12:34:25

What were those programs. I am going to guess that, based on the fact that there is a topic entitled Coder's Corner, that you programed ≥ 1 of those programs. lol

2010-12-29 04:23:06

I will have to think here. Two specialized math programs to do the calculations—hmmm:
1. Wolfram
2. Unsure, but perhaps something like another supercalculator

2010-12-28 16:37:50

Hi Wodd;

more like is often seen for mathematical expressions—like the bold or italic tag.

Close enough!

I did those 2 using 2 specialized math programs. Attempts to do them by mathematical methods are extremely difficult as far as I know. If you need more I can run them off for you.

2010-12-28 08:44:39

Lowercase and uppercase is irrellivant. How did you do these? Based on how quickly the response seems to have come, I am guessing that you did not use Excel to find the number for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows and the phrse for 16,777,216 because if you did, then it probably did not come as quickly as I as thinking. As far as I know, Excel does not allow inserting the alphabet and dragging it to test these (though perhaps it does and I am just unaware of it). Based on your description of the math tag, it essentially changes the font face to look more like is often seen for mathematical expressions—like the bold or italic tag.

2010-12-27 18:13:10

Hi Wodd;

The math tag is for creating latex, the universal math typesetting language.

For instance:

In excel speak 16 777 216 is ajrnin. fluffypuffmarshmallows = 3 364 209 625 414 419 611 165 053 917 829.

I did not account for capitals or spaces.

2010-12-27 16:56:37

Have you ever wondered what lies behind that mysterious labeling system that Microsoft uses for Excel? It is a system of alphabetical strings that can be converted to numbers using the following polynomial function:
(26string length - 1 * letter position) + (26string length - 2 * letter position) + (26string lengh - 3 * letter position) + … + (26string length - n * letter position)
The function in action:
(264 * 4) + (263 * 1) + (262 * 9) + (261 * 19) + (260 * 25)
As you could probably guess based on the formula and the numbers used that this decodes the word daisy (1,852,083). I have also decoded much more complex things as well such as weird (10,604,884) and Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. I do not recall the number for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows though. What I would like to do though is do this formula in reverse. I would like to figure out the equivalent string for the number 16,777,216. Does someone know how I can accomplish this? By the way, what does the math tag do? I am not familiar with it.

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