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2005-08-29 09:47:15

Thanks alot! Actually, I was in that dinner tongue

2005-08-28 21:26:08

Neat job, wcy !

And a big welcome to the forum, samliew.

2005-08-28 21:06:41

1) 35/350=0.1
2)Chance that nobody gets a prize -- 0.9^10=0.34867844
Chance that at least one person gets a prize-- 1-0.34867844=0.65132156

3) 0.1^10=1.0 10-10 (which is very low)

2005-08-28 20:40:18

I just thought of this question:

There are 350 people attending a celebration dinner.
Seated at every table are 10 people (35 tables).
One of the event is a lucky draw with 35 prizes to be given out by drawing numbers electronically.

Assumptions (if necessary):
1) Nobody can get a prize twice.
2) Everybody stays until the end of the event.
3) The drawing of the numbers is fair.

1) What is the chance that a person gets a prize?
2) What is the chance that at least one person from a table gets a prize?
3) What is the chance that everybody from a table gets a prize?

Anybody can help me? Please show your working and answers clearly documented.

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