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2011-12-28 06:34:48

Hi SenCeliextito;

Did you try google? Just type in "Walker School"

2011-12-28 02:46:02

Hi all,
Could you help me to find some informations about " Walker School "?  My little-sister will study in this school next year.
I dont know about the quality of this school. However, the fee is 17.000 usd/year. Is that too expensive for this school?
Please help me to know about the quality of " Walker school "
I am waiting for the answer as soon as possible.
God bless all of you

2011-02-12 01:34:16

Its really very coincidence, i have just completed my dissertation writing about this subject with the help of one of the reliable  They provide a great assistance to me....Thanks a lot....thank god...

2010-09-21 16:06:40

Hi linsey;

I don't agree that it is very simple.

2010-09-20 22:06:26

hi, Dear all,

who are calculs specialist? who help me figure out the theoretical part...? very appreciated if can give me a hand.  I really want to understand that part .... I send email to all the authors who wrote this paper , but no one replied to me. Seems the theory is very easy ...or they don't have time ..?


2010-09-20 22:02:34


Yes, The guy is from Yahoo! I even sent email to him , but no response. My supervisor discussed with me for 1 hour , but still can't figure out and he asked me read more.  So how did you continue your research work or your stuff without understanding that part. Just use the very good approximation value hi= p/4 in (4.2) (sorry , p is not correct, but i couldn't type in that value 180 =3.1415926)...?


2010-09-20 21:26:49

Hi qlinsey;

You mean Deepak. That is the guy from yahoo! I've read some of his stuff. Gave me a migraine and it wasn't as deep as this. To tell you the truth I am not even getting the computing part.

2010-09-20 21:10:42

This paper --spatial scan statistics: approximation and performance study (authors: Deepal Agarwal, Andrew McGregor, etc.) , can be downloaded on website from google searching....

please help me to figure out the section 4 .

best regards

2010-09-20 21:08:37

HI, dear all,

Currently I am reading the paper "spatial scan statistics: approximation and performance study " and confused with section 4.1. I read many times , but still cannot get the meaning how the formula of (4.2) come from and why hi=p /4 can give a very good approximation for the convex function? could you guide me which mathematic theoretic background I should read to understand this part?   Futhermore, in fact,I cannot relate lemma 4.2 to the part of explaination using Figure 3 (a),(b).   

Hope can helpe me to figure out !

thanks !

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