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2010-06-19 11:00:59


In my opinion the question is awful. I have to make so many assumptions. Now, what the heck is that drawing? Are we supposed to assume that is the xy axis without it being labelled? Am I supposed to assume that graph at the ends is touching the x axis, making A amd B roots.

Did they expect you to be able to get the roots to that quartic? Not an easy job without a computer. Do they want the straight line distance between A and B or the Arc length distance?

Now assuming that is the xy axis and  A and B are touching it and that squiggly mess is the graph of the function, which it is not. I solve like this:

-X^4+5x^3+4X^2+6X+8 = 0 has 2 real roots thay are:

x = -1 and x = 5.89102041

So the straight line distance is 6.89102041 which is none of your choices.

The arc length distance between A and B is 327.039 also not one of your choices.

2010-06-19 10:38:47

this question was in my math licensing exam.

2010-06-19 09:40:41


I can solve it but first I have to ask. What is this problem for? Is this a book problem, contest problem, made up problem? Your answer is going influence my method!

I can solve the distance between point A and B if that is what you want?

2010-06-19 09:29:37

There is no more information in the question, just one fig

2010-06-19 09:15:43


What is point A and point B? What is b/w?

2010-06-19 08:58:14

What is the difference b/w point A and B.
if the Equation is


Anyone know how to solve this problem, since I don't remember exact equation but the the answer was like 6 in, 4 in or 8 in.
There is no more information in the question, just one fig

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