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2005-08-26 05:13:10

another thing.... does 'x' in the eq'n signify multiplication? or is it a variable? you have to understand what kylekatarn is trying to say in his post: it is virtually impossible to solve one eq'n in 5 unknowns! you have to tell us which is known, and which is unknown (like wcy said, we have to know whether or not that 'e' you've used is the natural exponential!); i.e., do we solve for a? or some other variable?
I'm getting to think this isn't a serious topic... just like kylekatarn said! especially since you didn't simplify the (8+18-20) part of it before you posted....

2005-08-16 20:32:32

is e a variable or is it the constant e?

2005-08-16 16:12:19

Life would be pretty straight without twisties ...

2005-08-16 11:35:39

solve for what x? a? c? w? e? ??
did you toss that at random? I bet you did... : )
its a pretty strange eqn...

the most fun part is


that's quite advanced math... probably number theory mixed with complex adding and subtracting... : )

2005-08-16 10:56:49

Please resolve this equation:

( (c+a)-7+x) / (8+18-20) / (8aw) - 1823 = (8e-n)x5+2220 / 25a+e78+c2

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