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2005-08-12 07:45:23

Icecream Sundaes for ganesh and wcy !

2005-08-12 06:20:08

Thanks a lot

2005-08-11 10:28:32

if the ellipse is not centred at the origin, the equation becomes,

(x-p)/a + (y-q)/b = 1

where (p,q) is the centre

2005-08-09 15:22:11

The equation of an ellipse is given by
x/a + y/b = 1
The height and the width of the rectangle would be 2b and 2a.
Now, from this information, get the value of ba and a.
Substitute in the equation for the ellipse.
You get the equation of the ellipse.
Thereafter, give values for x like -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 etc. and find the corresponding values of y.

2005-08-09 01:42:31

How can I find coordinates of a point on an ellipse which is in a rectangle if all I know is the height and the width of the rectangle. The point is located approx. where 2 circles, that make up the ellipse, connect. It may be located exactly at this point, if this helpls.
Thank you.

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