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Topic review (newest first)

2005-08-09 01:52:43

And I'm the one in seventeenth place, name: sam.
Of course that's a fake name as everyone knows my real name is mathsyperson. smile

2005-08-09 01:41:20

welcome! im the one in second place, namey
i think its sometimes quite challengeing, and you can learn lots of stuff from it!

2005-08-08 17:23:33

Way ahead of you. I've joined, have done this week's standard and bonus puzzles and am doing the reruns every day. big_smile
Current points: 86.
I'm still confused about how they can publish answers but then give the puzzles in the reruns though.

2005-08-08 12:36:01

it lasts until december, and starts again next year too!

2005-08-08 10:07:04

master wrote:

who would have thought of a sequence consisting add, subtract, multiply, and division of prime numbers?

The (*few?*) guys who got it rigth... : )

Would I ever remember of such a sequence!!!???well...umm..I really don't think so...
As MathsIsFun said... this was truly devilish.
...Maybe the contest's creator worships some kind of satannic cult : |
But besides that the contest is fun... You should all tryout.

2005-08-08 08:43:37

so true. their answer depends on the ways you solve, how you look at the problem, etc. this one was a little ... over the edge. who would have thought of a sequence consisting add, subtract, multiply, and division of prime numbers?

2005-08-08 08:35:15

Oh GOOD ...

Ahhh ... so it was a pattern of adding, subtracting or multiplying by the prime number sequence ... how devilish.

The pattern was:
Odd turn: (Even number: +, Odd number x) 
Even turn: Even number:    -, Odd number +)

Since the next prime number in the sequence was 37, and the next operation was multiply, then the answer was 1125 x 37 = 41625.

(The inherent problem with sequence questions, though, is that there can be multiple "right" answers.)

2005-08-08 00:34:26

for anyone interested in answers, here is the address.

2005-08-07 18:38:59

Excuse me ... NO ANSWER ??

I feel somehow that we have been ripped off.

So let US say that the answer is 42 and move our lives on as best we can.

2005-08-07 16:56:46

Two little nuggets of knowledge for anyone who's interested.

1) The contest is over, so unless kylekatarn and master got IM'ing and didn't come back here, they're too late.
2) The website has a little thing called the 'rerun contest', where it chooses a random puzzle from its archive and lets you solve it for points, for people like me who come in halfway through a contest to help them catch up. That means that the answer could still be valuable to puzzlers even once the contest is over. For this reason, NO ANSWER PROVIDED. big_smile

The bonus question is, unfortunately, lost forever...

2005-08-07 02:35:09


2005-08-07 02:28:21

im trying to solve it before that
do you have msn IM?
we could discuss

2005-08-07 02:27:16

yes, they post it tomorrow

2005-08-07 02:26:35

This is frustrating indeed...
Do they post the solutions when the contest ends?

I'm dying to see how they solve this...

2005-08-06 23:52:08

i know what you mean

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