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2009-10-30 02:01:47

I Havet Read Any Math books I  just do homework. my Brother Got books he is In College So He have A Lot of College

2009-07-28 05:59:11

I think I'll check Recreations in the theory of numbers. Sounds good. smile

2009-07-28 05:13:44

Talking about your favorite math book, these are the ones that worked for me.

Numerical Methods that usually work   Forman S. Acton
Numerical Analysis                                Francis Scheid
Generatingfunctionology                       Herbert S. Wilf
A=B                                                       Doron Zeilberger
Applied Combinatorics                          Alan Tucker
Finite Mathematics                                Mizrahi and Sullivan
Experimental Mathematics                    Jonathan Borwein
Mathematics of Choice                          Ivan Niven
Recreations in the theory of numbers    Albert Beiler
Finite Differences                                   Murray Spiegel
Statistics                                                 Robert Mason

2009-07-28 02:05:42

Talk about math books in general, discuss your favorites, review some.

Discuss about math education in the U.S or in whatever your country is.

Let me start, my favorite math book is College Algebra by Murray R. Spiegel (from Schaum's outline series). It is the most complete book in terms of exercises and detailed solutions, I just love it. smile

About math education, I heard there is (or was recently) a crisis in the US, and that Danica Mckellar's books were a response to it, to help it, and also to diminish the gender gap in math. Here's her first book:

What do you think?


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