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2005-07-22 00:06:18

Either that or you're both wrong.

2005-07-21 23:28:07

Well, if we both got a similar answer it MUST be right. smile

2005-07-21 23:22:59

right on. thats what i got well 122.88 degree. i needed to be a little more accurate.

2005-07-21 22:50:32

OK, well angle ARC is 360 (3000/24902)

The angle ARE is half that.

The length RE is therefore cos(360 (3000/24902) /2 ) 6,378km

RE = cos(21.685) 6,378km = 5,927 km
AE = sin(21.685) 6,378km = 2,357 km

So distance ED = (6,378-5,927) + 830 = 1,281 km

We now know AE and ED, so the angle from that is:

tan-(2,357/1,281) = 61.5, and you need to double that to 123    --> ANSWER = 123

There may be an easier way to get there, I just went about soloving triangles till I got there.

2005-07-21 22:27:05

here is a link to a diagram of the problem if anyone is still interested

Note: All I was given at the start of the problem was the swath coverage = 3000km (the curved area of the earth the satellite sees) and the altitude of the satellite = 830km.

if you have any questions please reply

2005-07-21 21:40:05

I caught the fact that you solved it yourself. Well done. But you did have the advantage of a diagram smile

The measurements sure do sound like this planet.

2005-07-21 21:28:50

[I removed the previous reply and banned the user]

It is just a *little* bit hard without a diagram!

2005-07-21 20:22:32

I am trying to figure out the angle of a triangle with a curved base of 3000km it is part of a circle that has a circumference of 24902km and a radius of 6378km. There is a line that bisects the triangle. Its length is 830km. I need the angle of the triangle that is opposite the 3000km curved side. I wish I could add a picture it would make things easier.   The triangle is outside the circle. Think of this problem as a satellite orbiting the earth.

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