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2009-05-10 00:46:58

Tadase seemed to consider for a moment then said,  "it's fine, don't worry about it." He smiled and Aaliyah blinked. "now I see why the call you prince." "Prince?" he blinked and everyone around him cringed. "Don't say that!" He hung his head then shouted in a very out of character way, "DON'T CALL ME PRINCE! I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE KING! YOU WILL ALL DO AS I COMMAND!" Aaliyah stared open-mouthed and the guardians looked very exasperated. They looked to her for her reaction. suddenly she burst out laughing. "DON'T LAUGH AT ME COMMONER!" That only made her laugh more. Amu smiled. "She has a good sense of humor doesn't she guys! Most people get mad when he does that." Nadeshiko blinked and Tadase suddenly looked surprised. "I-i'm sorry I..." Aaliyah started laughing again. "That had to be the two most violent mood swings I have ever seen kid. You take your medicine this morning?" Tadase blushed furiously while the others who has been stunned, cracked small smiles.

2009-03-31 00:57:11

"So, I was wondering if you'd rethink our offer." The pink girl continued obviously too slow to notice I was ready to take off running before I needed to go to the optometrist. Then again maybe I wanted to go, so that he could tell my school I couldn't see pink, and I wouldn't have to look at Hinamori anymore. "No. But  I would like to, a-a-a-" I couldn't say it looking at Hinamori so I turned to the King, Tadase. "apoligize.(sp?) for being rude earlier. I'm just not really having a good day. "

2009-03-13 06:44:10

"Did you see the way Harmony-san brushed off the guardians?" "Hai, and the joker was with them!" "No way, she really said no to upperclassman Hinamori Amu?" "Hai, she's definitely very cool, isn't she?" "Hai! Much cooler than us!" And after about two classes of speeches like this surrounding Aaliyah wherever she went, no one spoke to her, for fear that they would be labeled uncool permanently by "Harmony-san" if they decided to speak to her. It bothered her more than it should have. Especially the comments that she had heard repeatedly about how apparently "prince" Hotori Tadase wasn't good enough for her. Her nerves were worn thin by the time the joker, Hinamori Amu arrived with Nashediko and King Tadase himself. "Mushi Mushi Aaliyah-chan!" I flinched. Aaliyah-chan? The PINK girl would be the only one in school to speak to me so casually? (Gotta go for a sec)

2009-03-13 06:10:54

Okay, I am changing this from an Ikuliyah fanfic to a Tadaliya (Not to mention I am Ikuto's_Kawaii_Girl) and I have to go.

2009-03-10 01:23:12

Aaliyah walked in her house unhappily. She was late she knew. It was always the same. She lost track of time because being out the house was so much more enjoyable then being with her Japanese foster parent Shino, and then she would be late. He would ask where she had been and she would tell the truth, she had just been on a walk. Thats when the hitting would start. Shakily, she walked into her room. She had a new bruise and she could barely look through her closet for something that would cover it. She layed down on her bed. "Please," she whispered at the ceiling blowing a few strands of her lime green hair from her face. "Please, I need some help down here. I don't want to leave or go to another foster home, but I can't take it living like this in this house, with Shino-sama. At least, I need a different personality. A new way to be. A way thats stronger, more confident. I have  to-" She fell asleep in the middle of this plea.

The next day she put on the new school outfit warily. It would take some time to get used to Japanese fashion. And for some unknown reason, the stupid shoes were too small. Trying to force the shoe onto her foot, she fell backwards onto her bed, and felt something cold touch her elbow. She sat up to find an egg, green and with peace signs around the middle. It was smooth and as she examined it, it twitched in her grip. If not for that, she would have thought it was a long forgotten Easter egg. Surprised she put it in her backpack and decided she needed to get to school first, before she figured what this was about. When she got there, everyone stared at her. She was American, an exchange student, and some how, like in all the embarrasing movies Aaliyah had seen, everyone had heard about her. One girl found her in the mass and tried to befriend her. It didn't really work, but since she appreciated the attempt Aaliyah allowed her to lead her around the school. Her name was Anko. Aaliyah was surprised to find that her green hair didn't stand out here, as it had back in America. "Look, its the Gaurdians!" Aaliyah followed the gaze of her escort, to see 5 people. "They are Queen (forgot her name) King Tadese (I think) (I forgot two of them) and Amu the joker, but since she's so cool, she usually goes by upperclassman Hinamori." Aaliyah sweatdropped. Upperclassman Hinamori was so pink, it should have been illegal. It hurt to even look at her. Which was one of the many reasons Aaliyah hated pink, and loved green. Suddenly her bag shook. Aaliyah opened it and tried to remove the green egg to get her better look at it, but it fell out and rolled to the Kings feet.
There was a long silence.
Tadese leaned down and picked it up. His reddish eyes flickered to her green ones. Anko and a flurry of other girls who had come to see the Gaurdians all whispered hyperly to Aaliyah. "Way to go, Aaliyah-chan! That was so smooth! He's sure to come over here and bring it back!" Aaliyah raised an eyebrow. There 'prince' looked like a girl to her. She could tell he wasn't by the way the girls around her seemed in love with him, but he still didn't seem to look that good to her. As they said the blonde did walk over, a strange interest in his eyes. "Mushi mushi. Is this yours?" he asked a little bit too curious. "Hai." Aaliyah said taking it back before he changed his mind. She didn't know why, but for some reason she had the feeling she needed to hold on to it. And then the pink girl came over. "Hi." she said with the kind of attitude that matched the emotionless that would've liked to have. It definitely didn't fit her hair color. "Hello!" she said in slow broken up English. "Would you like to have lunch with the Gaurdians?" I raised an eyebrow, a habit of mine. "Will you be there?" I asked already knowing the answer. I wondered if she noticed my fluid Japanese. Probably, because when she spoke again, it was in Japanese. "Hai. Why?" She wondered. "Your hair is pink." I stated blandly. The boy with the brown hair of the Gaurdians, started laughing. I could tell he already understood what I was saying. Amu of course, seemed confused still. "Hai. It's natural, do you like it?" she asked. So it was natural. That made it even worse. "No. If you have naturally pink hair, somethings gotta be wrong with you." Mine was naturally green, but that was awesome, cause it was green. Everyone just stared like I was insane, except the brown haired boy, who was still laughing so hard he would probably wet himself soon.
I just graebbed Anko's wrist and started walking towards my class. I didn't need to get mixed up with anyone pink, or dominantly popular, or arrogant. It seemed the Gaurdians had a little of all of that, with there capes, and their fans, and their Amu, the pink haired reincarnate of evil (Sorry had to say that.)

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