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Topic review (newest first)

2008-12-13 16:29:33

To the administrator :
Thank you for suggestion, I look forword for a flash version.
Regards, Leonidas

2008-12-13 08:55:48

Hi Leonidas.

It is an interesting puzzle.

I suggest you show an example puzzle on your front page ... I had to hunt around to see what it was like.

If you developed a Flash version, then people could play it on your website.

2008-12-13 04:27:42

I have developed a computer program to solve the "Corral" puzzle. Instances of this puzzle have been published by MENSA. One instance was included in the 2008 US Puzzle Championship. Several AI gurus have studied theoretically this interesting puzzle.
The application provides the following functionality :
1. Random creation of solvable instances of the Corral puzzle.
2. Computer solution of predefined and randomly generated Corral instances.
3. A graphical interactive interface that replaces the traditional pencil and paper tools for the manual solution of the puzzle.
It is funny to note that the above hint is included, among others, in my algorithm.
If you are interested, you can find the executable, the source code and complete documentation at < > (it is free).
Comments, advice and criticism are welcome.

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