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2009-07-09 05:35:23

Welcome. to the forum

2009-07-09 05:35:17


2009-03-14 23:32:42


2009-02-27 12:47:24

Thanks kuadratic.

2009-02-27 12:42:04

i also like this site--i included it in my online educational directory under math teacher resources...keep up the good work here!

2008-12-09 07:16:15

If you start posting a few messages under your new id, we may be able to guess!

Maybe Bob Knows
2008-12-09 07:02:45

Ha, it's large.  I've registered.  You'll never guess which username is mine, since I didn't use this name...

2008-12-05 21:24:42

196 wrote:

...  have a preference as to how I link?

With extremely large text ... just kidding ... link as you see fit!

2008-12-05 16:03:45

Maybe Bob Knows wrote:

I really love this website as a resource and would like to link to it.

2008-12-05 09:22:15

Sounds like a fair trade-off to me.  I'll set up an account soon.  I'll use a different name, though, so that it's not very evident who Bob really is...  have a preference as to how I link?

2008-12-05 09:01:56

Sounds fine to me.

Why not become a member here, and visit us often?

Maybe Bob Knows
2008-12-05 08:00:26

Hi, I'm Bob, from the about-to-begin maybe-MP3/maybe-video webisode series "Maybe Bob Knows".  It's gonna be big, I think.

I really love this website as a resource and would like to link to it.  Just in case someone decides to ask a math question and really needs an answer right away, because I'll probably not answer every single email that comes to me.  Here's the website:

Let me know if you mind my linking, and feel free to promote my website if you like.  Thanks!  (I'll be checking back here soon to see what kind of response this generates.)

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