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2009-10-30 02:18:28

Hamdog is right the games That are on here is Boring A kid is not going to sit on these Games all day.

2008-12-05 14:43:26

In my opinion, the kids only enjoy math activities when there is a supervisor or game coordinator in the class or maybe outdoor activities. This is a virtual place , more or less for junior or senior already so i donot think the kids will get a lot of benefit here.
I remember in my state, marketing people go around the suburbs to sell their expensive math products which consists of a lot of activities like you said but as far as for a long term studying they will feel bored immediately just after one or two weeks sitting in front of computer by themselves, it means when parents are busy for their own businesses.

2008-12-04 07:20:33

But good RPGs are hard to make sad

I looked at making something like this and found that it usually takes a TEAM of people a long time to create one. Plus bags and bags of money.

Sonic the hedgehog
2008-12-04 00:27:33

You battle by clicking on some one and a butten pops up saying fight,you click on that and then a mathes sum pops up,you must anser 5 sums right to defet your opponent

Sonic the hedgehog
2008-12-04 00:22:03

I think I'v got a story line!You are sucked inside the internet in a experiment gone wrong and are forced to choose a team and fight the a cyber-war the 2 teams are the virses and vires

Sonic the hedgehog
2008-12-04 00:13:38

Why don't you start with a sort of math RPG*? up

*Role Playing Game

2008-12-03 20:21:22

Thanks hamdog. Now ... can you suggest some fun activities that meet those needs?

2008-12-03 16:32:02

Hello Maths Forum your site is great but i am disapointed in the lack of fun and exciting activities that embrace childrens playful attidudes but also alow them to learn in a fun environment. I am very sad at the boring activities found on this site and i am very angered. Kids should learn maths through fun activities without even knowing it. sadeekshamedownsleepswear

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