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2005-07-09 18:07:17

Everything u learn in yr 7

2005-07-09 17:56:30

What are you being tested on? (Fractions, geometry, ...?)

2005-07-09 17:50:12

Thanks my teacher said that i have a lot of time 2 get ready 4 da test and that he will revice with me

2005-07-09 17:47:44

Thanks my teacher said that i have a lot of time 2 get ready 4 my big tests so i can have a lot of time 2 pratice

2005-07-08 17:30:44

Your grades will get you your first job, but your understanding will make your career.

But more importantly: knowledge, understanding and being able to use the fullness of your intellect is a pleasure in its own right.

im really bored
2005-07-08 16:42:33

Yes but the amount of mathematics and sciences you learn can sometimes be limited by your marks and grades, so they to are important.

2005-07-08 15:30:04

Just remember Polly,
knowing mathematics and sciences
is much more important
than scoring marks and grades!

im really bored
2005-07-08 02:05:11

Yes I do

2005-07-08 00:55:39

thanks do u like the harry potter books

im really bored
2005-07-07 01:52:14

When you take the test just smile, it is statistically shown that if you smile you will do better on tests. So just remember to smile.

2005-07-07 01:24:47

Hi im not very gud at tests and get all worked up my teacher says that i know the stuf but not on the day does anyone have any gud ideas 2 help me

if u like harry potter books pleese tell me

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